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Trophy Northern Pike (33 inches)<br>(Photo by Peter Greff)

Trophy Northern Pike (Photo by Peter Greff)

I just returned home after a 1387 Km, 16 hour drive for the annual family fishing trip. This years as in many years past we headed up to Esnagami Lodge. Esnagami Lodge as the name suggests is located on 14 mile long Esnagami Lake which translated from the native text to English means “big waters of many fish”. Renowned for its numerous islands rivers and bays, it provides ideal structure for some real trophy fishing. A short float-plane trip north of the town of Nakina on a DHC-Otter brought us to Esnagami Lodge where our adventure began in the Land Of The Giants. I rode co-pilot upfront with the pilot on the flight in.

Attending the trip this year was my father and brothers Paul, Peter, and David. Stephen had to stay home to await the arrival of his newest child who was born during our car ride home. I without a doubt caught the most fish out of our group, including two big trophy fish: A 33 inch Northern Pike and a 25 inch Walleye.

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  1. easy master fisherman (self titled) not too sure about the “caught the most fish quote” I believe to remember a couple lunches were provided by myself.

  2. @Paul Greff
    Well I never used the words “Master Fisherman” but I did the best out of our group that week. Everyone knows it. I sense some jealousy.

  3. Awesome Pictures, you guys looked like you had some fun. Take it easy on the competition I don’t want you guys to wear each other out, cause next year when I am there you will definetly need your energy to even slightly keep up!


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