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Hiked Boven National Park to the top of Boven Hill this morning. We started off with a large group of people, gained a few once we reached Venus Bay, as well as lost a few people at Venus Bay who were not going to go the full distance. The hike lasted a little over 5 hours but was well worth it once we reached the summit. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Sint Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
This was our last day in the Netherlands Antilles ever. At midnight the Antilles ceased to exist.


  1. Mike – these photos are amazing – what a view! what a hike! i asked dad if we could do that too – i think you know what he said. love ya

  2. @mom
    You could easily do the hike into Venus Bay if you wanted. It’s easy to get there, just up and over one smallish hill.

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